European Breakfast
7.50 per person
Fresh Croissants
Serrano Ham
Fruit filled Croissants
Sliced Turkey
European Breads Mueslix
Sliced Tomato Banannas
Hard Boiled Eggs Oranges
Cheese Assortment Orange Juice
Fresh Fruit Tray Coffee

Served buffet style
or design custom
individual breakfast boxes

Salads and Platters

Individual with entrees
or Salad bowls and platters
for groups

Ceasar Salad
Chicken Ceasar Salad
House Salad
Spinach Salad
Pasta Salad
Seafood Salad
Custom design your own salad
Individual salads
and Salad Platters from
$2.00 - 9.00 Per person


Deli Wrap Platter

Colorful Platter
Great for lunch or snacks

Chicken or Tuna Salad
Chicken and Cheddar
Chicken Ceasar Wrap
Vegetarian Wraps
Custom Wraps
2.50 to 5.95 Per person
10 person minimum

Deli Sandwich Platter

Delicious sandwich assortment
Excellent way to please diverse groups

Sandwich Trays
3 Feet Long Custom Sandwich
or Self Serve Build your Own

Deli Meat Sandwiches
Vegetarian Sandwiches
Salad Sandwiches
4 ft Long Custom Sandwich
Feeds 8 - 10 people
Individual or Platters
Serrano Ham
Grilled Chicken
Sirloin Tender Steak
Custom Sandwiches
Tuna, Chicken and Veggie salad assortment
From 3.85 per person
10 person minimum

Grilled Vegetable Platter

Seasonal Vegetables
Marinated and Fire Roasted

Delicious assortment
Sure to brighten any party table
3.50 Per person
10 person minimum

Serrano Ham and
Fresh Melon

Authentic Spanish Cured Ham

Serrano ham (nice, not salty or sugary)
Fresh Canteloupe or Honeydew
Most popular combination
Choose cubes or slices of melon
25 pcs $35.00
50 pcs $ 65.00
75 pcs $95.00

Fresh All Natural
Cured Chorizo

Preservative free, Nitrate Free
Made from antibiotic and horomone free
pork using authentic Gallego recipes

Beautifully arranged platter
Holds it's own with heavy wine or liquor
Includes aged Manchego cheese
Wonderful texture, easy to handle
10 -12 people $32.00
15 - 20 people $ 48.00
40 - 50 people $115.00

Hummus Platter

The favorite of the Mediterranean

Creamy fresh hummus
Pita triangles
Assorted Olives
Roasted red peppers
Vegetable Garnish
6-10 people $28.00
15 - 20 peole $48.00

Dip Variety

Choose a dip for breads, fruit or cheese

Spinach artichoke parmesan
Spinach bechemel
Salmon Spread
.50 to $1.50 Per person
10 person minimum


Catering Director


Catalunya Cafe
1408 East Boulevard
Suite A-1
Charlotte, NC 28203

Fresh Catalan Breads

Choose a dip for breads, fruit or cheese

Baguette 1.10
Pan de Queso (cheesebread) .90
Rosemary Focaccia .90
Pita .60
Marble Rye 5.25 loaf
Sourdough 5.25 loaf
Create your own combinations..
Pick Up by the pound items
at any time!



Cheese Platter

Choose 1 lb of each cheese
Each lb serves about 8

Imported Provolone
Goat Cheese
Fresh Mozarella Ricotta
Mozarella Danish Bleu
Fresh Manchego Swiss
Aged Manchego Ricotta
French Brie Danish Bleu

Beautifully decorated
with seasonal fruit

Fruit Platter
Beautifully decorated platter..
Sure to be the highlight
of any party!

Assortment of fresh seasonal fruit
Various colors and shapes
Skewers of fruit to add height
Beautiful artistic presentation
Sweetened sour cream,
chocolate or caramel for dipping
6-10 people 35.00
15 - 20 people 49.00

Fruit & Cheese Kabobs
Artfully arranged platter
Simple elegance for any occasion...

Assortment of fresh seasonal fruit
Unique cheese selection
Skewers make for convenient service
Artistic presentation using larger
fruit to arrange skewers
Optional chocolate, caramle,
or sweetened sour cream dips
1 dozen 12.00
2 dozen minimum order please

Large Fruit & Cheese
This large centerpiece arrangement
is designed to visually create excitement
when you need a focal point for
Simple elegance for any occasion...

Whole and cut fresh seasonal fruit
Flower arrangement
Various methods of presentation
Baskets of assorted Catalan breads
Beautiful presentation including fresh vegetables
Spinach and creamy house dip

$2.85 per person
20 Minimum please

Vegetable Platter

Seasonal selection of colorful fresh
vegetables artistically arranged

Seasonal fresh vegetables
Spinach or Creamy dressing to dip

15 people $
20+ people $

Tuscan Platter

Fresh Buffalo Mozarella Cheese

Fresh tomato
Fresh basil
Sundried tomato
Roasted red peppers
Veggie garnish
Assorted Catalan breads

15 people $
20+ people $

Antipasto Platter

The center of attention ...
Delicious mix of everyone's favorites!

Serrano Ham
Fresh natural chorizo
Manchego cheese
Fresh Mozarella w/ fresh basil
Marinated artichokes
Marinated Anchovies
Marinated olive assortment
Roasted red peppers
Assorted seasonal vegetables
Exceptional assortment of Catalan breads

$8.00 per person
10 person minimum

We can use your own
favorite platters on request!

Fresh Crêpes

Fresh individual crêpe desserts

Nutella (chocolate hazelnut spread)
Fresh Peach filled crêpe
Ice Cream Crêpe
Sugar Crêpe
Custom Designed Crêpes
Individual Crêpes 3.50 to 5.50

Cookie Trays
Delicious Cookie Assortment
Sure to please!
Sugar cookies
White chocolate macadamia cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Bar cookies
Custom cookies
Individual Cookies from 1.00 each
Cookie Trays 14.00 and up
(mini or regular size cookies)

Side Items by the Pound

Choose a dip for breads, fruit or cheese

Hummus 8.00 lb
Roast Chicken Breast 9.50
Tuna Salad 9.50
Chicken Salad 9.50
Potato Salad 5.75
Pasta Salad 5.75
Fresh Chorizo 9.50
Serrano Ham 14.30
Manchego Cheese 8.50
Grilled Vegetables 8.00
Aged Manchego 11.50
Create your own combinations..
Pick Up by the pound items
at any time!

Questions and Answers

How do I figure the pricing? It's all different than I understand.

What you see is a price range,
some items are for individuals
and some for groups,
Most items can be prepared
either way.

We can create a package
to fit your budget,
just let us know how much
you want to spend!

Feeds 10?
Have you seen my brother?

Ok, feeds 10 is subjective.
You can usually count on averages,
some eat more some eat less.

Needs may vary depending on
the time of day you serve,
and how hungry your guests will be,
and how many different options
are offered.

We can help you balance
all of these options

( insert name of
your favorite menu item )
Can I have that??

If there is something on our menu
that you would like to have,
Just let us know and we can create
a package just for you!