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Now Open Monday - Tuesday 10 am - 9 pm
Wednesday - Saturday 10 am - Midnight

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1408 East Blvd, Charlotte, 28203

In Dilworth Gardens below Outback and Talley's Green Grocery

Fax 704-335-3777

Never met any Catalans?

Never heard of Catalunya?
There is a reason
we are opening Catalunya Cafe,
You will have to experience it yourself
to understand why
Catalans' do not leave Catalunya!

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Update 05/01/2006

This text on the history page speaks of El Bulli, a restaurant in Northern Spain.
El Bulli was recently voted the Number 1 restaurant in THE WORLD !

Read The Story of El Bulli here

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New Restaurant in Charlotte NC

What’s the food like? Light, casual fare with a Mediterranean twist. Simple,
familiar dishes like panninis and wraps seamlessly mesh with more exotic offerings
from the Catalan region of Spain. Ingrediants are fresh and flavorful without a long wait.

How much is it? Extremely reasonable price for lunch especially if you like to share. Prices range from $1.25 to $6.25
Can I take my friends? Absolutely! The space is pretty and clean. Service is prompt and personal.
And everyone can people watch with decent privacy.
How is the parking? Free and easy.

Whether you’re in a cubicle, behind a counter or fighting midday traffic,
we all look forward to two things: 1) lunch and 2) vacation.
A new Cafe off East Blvd. is now offering both with quick, tasty dishes
that take you to the Mediterranean Coast where leisurely meals and conversations
are the rule rather than the exception.

Inspired by the Catalan region of Spain,
Catalunya Cafe ‘s menu is the true definition of Continental.
A complete history of Spain and the Catalan region would take too much time and research for this review,
but I can tell you that the food utilizes all great things European.
Enduring Roman, Middle Eastern and eventually Spanish rule,
Catalan and its cooking reflect these cultures in its own unique way.

Besides Spanish staples like serrano ham and chorizo, Catalunya Cafe offers specialties
from Italy (panninis and caprese), France (salad noisette with endive and crepes)
and the Middle East (hummus and wraps). If dining in is not an option,
Catalunya Cafe has a deli counter for convenient take-out.
Treating your friends, colleagues and clients for lunch
is a pleasurable respite from the everyday grind at Catalunya Cafe

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